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As we walked, we were amazed to see the wall-to-wall female strip clubs that lined both sides of the street. We were even more surprised to see the wall-to-wall prostitutes that loitered outside the strip clubs. Men could get themselves all worked up inside the strip club and then go home with a prostitute. As far as marketing. The novel's climax occurs when the distinguished Senator Brainbridge confesses dramatically in the courtroom that he is the real author of the erotic story being tried for obscenity, and that his novel was based on a youthful experience of pure sexual fulfillment with a young woman he was never able to marry because of his. I did. I looked like someone else, someone I didn't recognize. This woman's hair was dark and wet, her lips were parted, her head was thrown back. She had a man's hands cupping her tits as he fucked her, and she was loving it. She was pure sex, a goddess. “More,” I said. He cupped my tits harder and thrust into me again.


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